Change of generations

The sooner and frankly an upcoming generation changeover is addressed, the sooner actions can be taken to adequately and effectively deal with it.


Change in generations can come in many ways:

  • the owner passes the company on to the next generation,
  • a new generation of executives enters the management or
  • a younger generation of employees comes into the company.

The responsibility of handing a company over to the next generation entails a multitude of decisions and many companies have no experience of how to handle this. Every changeover is unique. This makes it impossible to rely on traditional models or routines. Instead, successions need to be dealt with in a creative and reflected way.     New generations often introduce new ideas, sometimes a whole new management culture. Along with legal aspects and the actual management change a change of generations always involves a change of implicit and as commonly understood, therefore often unconsciously lived and unexpressed regulations and norms:

  • hidden power structures and influences,
  • established and entrenched responsibilities and old patterns as well as
  • individual levels of identification with the company and mutual expectations are not longer taken for granted.

Transitions are a time of uncertainty. Employees will have concerns and may even worry about their jobs. But they will also have hopes and expectations regarding the future identity of the company and its management.   We’ll help you to become aware of the necessary steps, and will support your company in organizing and implementing them. Through detailed analysis of your company culture, its structure and work-flows, we make their often unknown facets transparent.

In this way you’ll learn,

  • what effects can be expected as a consequence of the change of generations,
  • what the agenda should be, before the change and
  • how you, in close cooperation with the next generation, can prepare your employees for the change.

Keeping your company’s identity and changeability in balance is an important factor when choosing your strategy. This will ensure your employees’ continuous identification with the company and its culture and guarantee the company’s long-term success.   Find further information on the aspects mentioned above in our blog posts.

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