Changes in the life and pension market

Established rules in the life and pension market no longer apply.

Demographic changes have led to a growing need for funded pension schemes. It seems as though the life and pension market and its players, who are designing, managing and re-selling pension products, are thriving. In fact, this has not been the case for years.

Established rules in the life and pension market seem to no longer work. Low return on investment, new competitors, technical challenges, extended regulations and many other factors have left their mark on the market players. You may ask:

  • What needs will tomorrow’s clients have?
  • Where can I still earn money, where am I allowed to do so?
  • What market opportunities and risks will I meet?
  • In which way will I have to reposition myself to stay successful?

Traditional economic relationships, expectations and customer needs have to be completely reconsidered. Alternative solutions and business models have to be developed.

Under the term “transformation of the life and pension market” we offer you a comprehensive overview of

  • current and future business models,
  • technical and company-specific changes of business processes,
  • interfaces and data exchange as well as
  • access to industry figures and much more.

We cooperate closely with insurance companies, pension funds, consultancies, brokers and companies to give you detailed insights into an industry that is reinventing itself.

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