Companies often perceive digitization as a technological challenge. It should meet changing customer requirements, make work-flows more efficient and competitive and help to effectively coordinate these with partners and customers.

However one key aspect is often neglected. Digitization projects often result in radical changes to work related activities for the employees, as well as to the workplace itself.

  • New structures and new work related activities make former skills and knowledge about internal processes less important.
  • In particular, employees whose jobs are most affected by digitization need to keep up with changing workflows, and constantly improve their skills.

Your employees’ ability to deal with change is crucial for the success of digitization projects in your company. Training of professional skills alone is not enough to effectively meet these challenges.

Digitization projects hold five core challenges for employees:

We’ll assist you in determining the specific challenges your digitization project holds for your company and your employees. We’ll show you which complications may arise (e.g. resistance during its implementation). Together we’ll develop the right solutions and measures to meet the project objective. You’ll benefit from

  • our many years of experience and expertise in digitization projects,
  • our cooperative network with IT companies as well as
  • our experience in process design and workflow management.

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