Let’s not forget that maybe the greatest strength of humanity is its diversity.


Diversity can play a vital role in the success of your company.

The bigger the company the more evident its diversity in gender, age, social, ethnic and religious origin, education and disability levels. Furthermore there is the hidden diversity related to knowledge, experience, as well as individual beliefs, ways of thinking, acting and perceiving.

Companies often do not recognize the impact that cultural diversity and individual differences among their employees can have on daily work routines, team work or the understanding of leadership. Misunderstandings can quickly lead to open or hidden conflicts, which can have a great impact on the company’s success. Therefore, it’s vital to actively manage diversity. This requires a thorough analysis.

Below are some aspects contributing to successful diversity management:

What is needed to turn diversity into one of your company’s success factors?

  • Establishing a common code of conduct
    codes of conduct help to make shared values and cooperation guidelines transparent
  • Managers as facilitators and catalysts
    training and workshops for managers create an understanding of the topic and provide support adapted to their needs
  • Heterogeneous teams promote understanding
    Promoting the heterogeneity of teams in terms of cultural diversity, knowledge, skills, expertise and experience as well as social and emotional intelligence
  • Taking on responsibility and actively providing (long-term) support
    Defining strategies to provide early professional support for managers and employees with psychological issues
  • Appreciating and supporting intergenerational diversity
    Analyzing the impacts of demographic change on company culture, work-flow and the composition of the workforce; setting a strategic course
  • Understanding integration and support as a shared learning process
    Integration of people with physical or mental disabilities.


Successful diversity management is an ongoing process. It deals with social change and its impacts on the company, striving to find and implement cross-company solutions.

We’re happy to help you design, analyze and further develop your diversity management. Through Change Diagnostics we are able to analyze diversity throughout your company. We will provide you with comprehensive and profound insights into the diversity of your workforce enabling you to actually “live diversity” it.

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