Recognizing, designing and mastering changes through Change Management

Only those aware of the past have a future!

Wilhelm von Humboldt

What is Change Diagnostics?

Change diagnostics is an innovative service giving you and your employees a new perspective on your company and a common understanding of shared values.

Changes are always a consequence of the company’s history, the current economic and social environment as well as the actions of managers and employees.

Only those who understand why people act the way they do are able to anticipate how they will react to change.

An essential prerequisite for understanding and managing changes and their implications is an active engagement with

  • their internal and external reasons and
  • their impact on the company and its employees.

“Social analysis” is the scientific approach we use, in technical jargon also referred to as “organizational and economic ethnography”. It combines proven knowledge from economics, social sciences and organizational theory. In Change Diagnostics we work with a tool box based on profound analysis and scientific findings. It will help you to see things from a different angle, effectively supporting you in your decision-making.

You get an understanding of,

  • the economic and human resources challenges that you might have to face
  • your business’ and your employee’s potential for change
  • how to ideally implement changes.

What is Change Management?

Change Management deals with the implementation of changes in companies. It determines its reasons and motivations as well as its impacts on the company and its employees.

Triggers of change

Successfully implementing and managing change in a company is today’s biggest challenge, be it the introduction of new technologies, the adaption to changing customer requirements and needs or internal reorganizations.

Change Management offers a great variety of strategies and tools for managers and employees

  • preparing them for change in the current situation
  • involving and supporting them in the transition period
  • internalizing, anchoring and sustaining the changes in the target situation in a sustainable way.

Change Management Process

The change process should start as soon as the need for change in a company is perceived. This ensures that all important stakeholders will be involved and possible impacts identified.

In many large-scale projects, and those with a primarily specialist focus, the change project is run parallel or can be modularly implemented in addition to the respective specialist project. This ensures a close alignment of the steps in the project.

To maintain changes after they have been implemented, it is essential that managers and employees receive long-term support on a sustainable basis to reinforce their commitment. This is achieved through Change Management strategies and tools, tailored to the company’s requirements.

The reasons and motivations for change are as diverse as its impacts on the organization. Learn more about our expertise on special change constellations in Change & Solutions.

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