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Change Diagnostics

What economic and social changes is your organization facing? What challenges can be identified? How do employees react to change – do they react with commitment or resistance?

Change Diagnostics – Socio-analytical studies

In times of accelerated economic change, corporate-internal adaptations play an important role in today’s business management. With Change Diagnostics we examine how changes affect your company:

  • How are your company’s work environment and your employees’ tasks changing?
  • What distinguishes your company culture? What advantages and disadvantages does that imply for your economic actions?
  • What do decision processes look like and what impact do they have on the success of your business?

Your employees are your strength! Complex dynamics slow down efficient adaptation to a changing work environment. Understanding your employees’ motivations and beliefs will avoid this.

We’ll create solutions tailored to the specific challenges and requirements of your company or organization, based on scientific facts. You’ll receive a systematic analysis of your company’s culture and structure, daily work-flows – and possible obstacles in the change process.

Change Diagnostics – Changeability

Every company culture has the potential for change. But companies will also face obstacles in the change process. A company is a social environment with a unique grown culture comprised of rules and symbols as well as individual behaviors and forms of communication. Routines and well-established procedures are often carried out naturally without deeper or critical reflection.

Knowing these routines is a good starting point for putting change strategies to work and creating as well as implementing change measures. Analyzing the ability for change is a key factor for a company’s success. Through Change Diagnostics we provide you with all the necessary information on where your company stands and how it can react to changes.

Change Management

Is your organization ready to implement changes? Did former projects fail during implementation or in establishing them in your organization?

Change Demand

In a two-day workshop we’ll analyze together if Change Management is needed in your company and to what extent.

As a result you’ll get:

  • a summarized analysis of the status quo and the potential for change
  • a report with explanations, including graphics
  • a management summary with suggestions for further steps
  • decision options for the executive board

Change Management

Change projects can be implemented separately from or in addition to an ongoing project. We provide modular support for every stage of change, depending on the change scope and number of affected employees in your company.

Project Analysis

Through project analysis we examine your projects regarding potentially resulting changes:

  • We analyze what impact the project has on your organization and your workforce.
  • We examine to what extent your planned measures meet your project objectives.
  • We identify possible resistance to a project in the different departments of your company.

We’re happy to support you in managing the project after the analysis and to assist you in the implementation process.

Change Rescue

When confronted with problems during the change process, managers and employees often lack the capacity or objectivity to analyze the situation and to react accordingly.

Here’s where we come in:

  • With appropriate strategies, measures and tools we’ll assist you in successfully and sustainably anchoring risky and fragile change processes.
  • We’ll help you to communicate this process in a focused and comprehensible manner, taking into account all relevant stakeholders in the company.

Project Management

To make sure that all knowledge regarding the change process stays within the company and to facilitate the sustainability of the results, we recommend internal project management.

If required we’re happy to take on the general management of your change project. Where projects are already ongoing we’ll determine, together with the internal project management, when and how often change interventions make sense.

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