Our methods

We use a multitude of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods and management techniques, tailored to your requirements. Together, we decide which methods to use.

Strategic consulting

In the analysis of different business areas we use quantitative methods like industry analyses and benchmarking. To determine what specific impacts current market changes will have on your company we rely on qualitative analyses like expert interviews, case analyses and qualitative content analyses (e.g. grounded theory).

This combination of different methods results in a broader perspective

Only the combination of quantitative methods and qualitative company-internal and external market assessments gives you a variety of perspectives on future challenges. You’ll get up to date, comprehensive insights into your organization, businesses and markets, along with sound findings on which you can base your decisions.

Consulting in customer and relationship management

To assess current customer and stakeholder relations we first analyze the economic situation using quantitative methods like benchmarking. Accordingly, in order to evaluate and to assess mutual expectations and requirements we offer industry figures and best-practice data. We also help you to structure your business areas using current management models.

Qualitative methods for additional external perspectives

To determine the requirements and expectations of customers and business partners we use qualitative methods like interviews with customer groups, executives and employees. We lead workshops with customers and business partners, to define new service standards and processes, which are documented in written and visual form. If required we also create extensive customer studies.

Process consulting

For the process optimization, we work with industry data as well as with external and internal empirical data (e.g. service level). For the development of new processes, we additionally take into account current industry standards and interfaces along with our experience with various external market players.

Integration of internal viewpoints

A key aspect is the integration of differing viewpoints of your internal services and field representatives as well as your staff in different unites. We obtain these different viewpoints through structured individual interviews. We achieve the combination of different positions and the creation of new and essential processes through the transparent (e.g. visual) design of these processes in our workshops (conception and decision).

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