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Strategic consulting

A strategy is as unique as the company in which it is applied.

But even the best strategy has to be put to the test. Adaptations may have to be made in order to survive in the market. This doesn’t mean following every trend or imitating every competitor. It means critically analyzing the current strategy, drawing the right conclusions and re-aligning the business model accordingly.

From the analysis…

Our job starts with the thorough analysis of your current strategy.
We help you to examine your current business areas from different business and market perspectives. The structured and visualized results will give you an in-depth and thorough understanding of your business areas.

… through consequences …

Starting from here we’ll show you,

  • how current economic, social and technological market trends influence your business areas,
  • what future expectations the different market players have and,
  • how market players will adapt their business model.

… to strategies, tools and measures …

This provides a market overview, showing you your need for adaptation. At the same time we’ll present you first options on how to extend or adapt your business activities to new sectors. According to your specific situation and the commonly defined objectives we work together on developing your new business strategy. Of course we also develop measures for implementation, internal and external communication and controlling.

… up to the long-term stabilization of the objectives

We’ll support you in creating a long-term strategic management including valuable insights into new markets and customer requirements, creative processes and continuous analyses.

We offer strategic consulting to insurance companies, brokers and consultants in the insurance market.

Consulting in customer and relationship management

From customer needs and requirements to suitable products and services

Nothing is more important to an industry than to know its customers and their needs.

We help insurance companies in the B2B and B2C sector to determine their customers’ specific expectations, how to measure them and finally how to adapt your product range and services accordingly.

Besides the emphasis on the customers we’ll support you in creating a professional relationship management, through efficiently and transparently organizing the cooperation of insurers, brokers and business clients.

Benefit from our knowledge of expectations and requirements regarding products, processes, interfaces, services and the remuneration of your business partners.

Together with you we’ll develop

  • new guidelines for cooperation,
  • internal and external business processes,
  • interfaces between business partners and customers, as well as
  • service levels and standards.

In the analysis and adaptation of remuneration models (e.g. provision/brokerage, fixed fees) we offer

  • benchmarking data,
  • information on current market trends and
  • the development of your own revenue or cost based models.

Actively managing business relationships helps to compare and evaluate products and services. Prices can be more easily adapted to customers and offered in a more profitable way. Benefit from this competitive advantage and gain detailed insights into your customer and business relationships.

Consulting in customer and relationship management is available for insurance companies, brokers and business customers.

Process consulting

Improving efficiency and profitability are part of the daily agenda in the insurance industry. This requires a continuous monitoring of internal and external processes.

Improving processes helps to understand why something is done in the first place.
To make processes fit for the future, we assess:

  • the specific and technological requirements
  • who’s de facto responsible for and in a process and
  • who’s accountable for its outcome.

Of course, we’ll work closely with your technical and IT departments to create appropriate intermin solutions and achievable results.

We’ll also support you in the technical realization and implementation in the different departments.

For many companies the improvement of processes does not mean a one-off action but a continuous analysis of business activities and operations. It has become part of an incorporated strategy in order to gain operative excellence and competitive advantage in the company’s business areas.

We’ll help you to establish continuous analyses and improvement of processes in your company and will support you in anchoring them in a sustainable way.

We offer our services to brokers and insurers, pension funds and companies with their own pension programs or funds.

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