Quick-Check – How much Change Management does your organization need?

You are in the middle of a change process or unsure if a change is taking place? You would like to know if you’ve taken everything into account in your change project?

The questionnaire below lets you do a first check. You’ll get a free, non-binding analysis from us, incl. graphic data evaluation. Answering the questions will only take you 10 minutes. Naturally, your data will be handled confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

We thank you for your time and your interest in our services!

Definition «change project»: Important changes can be planned or implemented through projects but also through individual actions or decisions. Below, all those different and important changes will be referred to as change project.

A. Scope and impact of your current change project

How many employees are working for your company?

How many employees are affected by your project?

How many employees are working in the project team?

Briefly describe the content and objectives of your project.

In what stage is the project at the moment (planning, implementation etc.) and for how long shall it run?

Do you think the project is considered important and actively supported by the concerned management and the members of the executive board?
Please use the range 1-5 for your evaluation.
1 signifies "not considered important and no support", 5 "considered important and full support"

To what extent will the required skills or methods change for your employees?
1 signifies “no new requirements”, 5 “fundamental changes of work activities”

Do you think project resources are sufficient?
a) Do you think there are enough people working in the project team?

1 signifies "too few", 5 "enough"

b) Do you think the allocated project budget is sufficient?
1 signifies “too small”, 5 “high enough”

c) Do you think the estimated project duration will be enough?
1 signifies “too little time”, 5 “enough time”

How important do you consider the project in terms of long-term corporate success?
1 signifies “not important”, 5 “crucial for the company's future”

B. Experience in dealing with change projects

How much influence do other projects in your company have on your change project?
1 signifies “no influence”, 5 “a lot of influence”

Have other change projects already been successfully implemented in your company?
1 signifies "failed implementation", 5 "successful implementation"

How many employees in your company are responsible for change management?
1 signifies "no change manager / team exists", 5 "change team/department exists"

Please describe the tasks and responsibilities of your Change Management

Do you expect resistance among employees (e.g. rejection of project measures or finger pointing) towards the implementation of the project?
1 signifies "no resistance expected", 5 "a lot of resistance expected"

Do you think your company ensures that project results are applied systematically and with long lasting effects?
1 signifies "no control", 5 "systematic control"

C. Contact and general information

Whom may we send our feedback to?

How did you hear about us?